Stay Safe

How to Baja Safely

Official Good Time Guide

If you’ve ever attempted to make pot brownies, then you probably know what was, historically, the adventurous side of eating THC–that it’s hard to know how much THC you’re actually eating. Modern cannabis edibles have largely solved that problem. Baja Ontario THC edibles are lab tested and reliably contain the 5mg of THC listed on the label. 

What has not changed is that a lot of other individual and situational factors can still have a big impact on how high you get, and getting too high, if you recall from the days of said pot brownies, is not a good time.  

So, if you’re at all unsure of how to proceed with Baja Ontario edibles, please consider some of our guidance:  


Unless you have taken an edibles dose very recently (within the last month), and are very confident in your ideal dose, we recommend starting with a HALF dose (2.5mg), i.e. half a gummy or chocolate square. Many people will feel a pleasant high at 2.5mg, but very few will feel overwhelmed. However, you may find that you’re feeling little or just ready for more. DO NOT immediately increase your dose (see: “Be Patient”). For your next adventure, try 5mg to start. If that is still ultimately unsatisfying, try 10mg at once (two gummies or chocolate squares). The majority of people will feel a nice high at 10mg. 


Edibles are food, and food takes time to digest and metabolize. As a result, activation time for edibles can be anywhere between 30 minutes and 2 hours. In general we recommend being very cautious with boosting your dose if you are inexperienced, because of the wide variability of activation time. If you do boost, wait at least two hours. A possible strategy for speeding up the process, and for getting more consistent activation time is to eat your edibles on an empty stomach. Studies suggest that doing so can decrease your activation time, and also decrease the overall duration of your high. Whereas taking your dose on a full stomach may delay activation and extend the overall duration of your high. 



Dose size, timing, and food consumption are variables you can control, but they are not the only variables. Individual factors such as body weight and acquired tolerance may impact your experience as well. As with alcohol, it is sometimes the case that bigger bodies tolerate higher doses. Experienced users also tend to observe that frequent use leads to higher tolerance and a need for higher doses to achieve desired effects, whereas infrequent users tend to be more sensitive to the effects of standard single dose. The important takeaway is that if you are at all uncertain, seriously consider the guidance on this page: Start slow, be patient, and gradually increase your doses, and with a little trial and error, you’ll find your Baja experience.


Good question. First, know that overdosing on THC is extremely unlikely, and in fact no case of a lethal THC overdose has ever been reported*. So, again, we recommend starting slowly and gradually increasing doses, because, once you ingest the edibles, it’s too late to go back. If you do find yourself more high than you would like to be, however, do your best to find calm surroundings, relax or lay down, and wait it out. The effects will eventually wear off.